Intangible Realty

by Purr



Front Room featured as part of 'Intangible Realty' by Angela Woda, presented at KIOSK during Stockholm Design Week 2016.

Intangible Realty handles with the buying and selling of intangible valuables with the aim to start a dialogue around the gap between the numerical focus of the real-estate conversation, and the spaces we need to actually live in.

Angela will transform the kiosk into real estate agency. Instead of showing pictures that showcase the look and layout of places of residence, valuable moments of living spaces are translated by selected artists and makers into alternative mediums such as; music, wearable objects, photography, pieces of writing, small sculptures and dance. These “apartments” will be open for inspection during the opening times, and you will have the opportunity to be part of a bidding process.

The conversation of Real Estate is one that lies close to the centre of the culture of Stockholm. Square meters, room numbers, white colour palettes or a neighborhood’s reputation are major movers and shakers when it comes to defining ’value’. Like any system of currency, the value of real estate can only operate under a collective agreement.

What opportunities are we missing to engage with the possibilities of our living spaces when we evaluate them only through the periscope of investment?


Small scale living with large scale outlook!
See the big picture from your own place up in the sky!
Central location, good connections to public transport.

You can have something in your house, a piece of furniture or a particular spot, that is familiar and primarily used for one purpose. One day you might discover something completely new about it that expands its place in your home or life outside its regular everyday use. It can take you out of the here and now, or it can make you feel completely present and engaged. I discovered a spot in my lounge room where, when I lie back on the couch, all signs of the city beyond my house melt away. Nothing but a hint of tree tops and the sky reaching over like a giant wave.


released February 13, 2016



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